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Hampshire County Swimming Champions from 1893

In the year 2008 the County Swimming Association will be celebrating 100 years of competitive swimming in the County. An achievement worth celebrating. As a start here on the website an attempt has been made to list ALL the Champions. Over the years mistakes have been found in handbooks and for various other reasons it is known that errors have occurred. We would welcome help from former County Champions in putting these errors right.

Please check your entries.

In many cases only the initial of the first name has been left for posterity, something that can now be put right with your help. Some champions have used an abbreviated form of their first name. How would you like to be remembered? Many former champions kept scrapbooks of their days in the sport with old programmes, newspaper cuttings, and photographs. If the champion was one of your parents or grandparents and you have a collection of old memorabilia from early in the 20th century we would like to know. Your time and help will be greatly appreciated.

Please let us know if you have any information to help.